Taiwan Economic Journal (TEJ) is the largest local financial information company in Taiwan. Founded in 1990, TEJ is committed to providing businesses with necessary information for fundamental financial market analysis as well as comprehensive consulting services and solutions that cover credit/market risk management, asset valuation, investment analysis, and corporate governance. As the financial industry diversifies and grows more complex, TEJ continuously innovates by working with experts from academia and industry to integrate new technologies such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) into its products. Our client base includes domestic tertiary educational institutions, banks, investment companies, and integrated securities brokers, as well as foreign-owned securities brokers.
CCRQM rating

As the growth rate of GDP slower, and U.S.-China trade war, China’s bond defaults scale increased every year.

Based on high-quality financial data, CCRQM developed by strict quantitative model, generated highly verified credit risk rating.

CCRQM are unsolicited ratings, paid by user, as a comprehensive and neutral credit rating.

CCRQM are updated on a half-year basis, helping manage your portfolio immediately.

Credit Risk forecast Validity
KEY Feature
  • Shanghai and Shenzhen listed Corporate entities as the main objects.
  • Opened and transparent quantitative model rating.
  • Based on TEJ Standardized and comparable financial data.
  • Regular rating results update upon new financial report.
KEY Advantage
  • Distinguished credit rating.
  • Neutral credit rating by third party.
  • Regular publication of factors modification and validity test of the model.
KEY Benefit
  • Bankers:Enhance credit risk evaluation efficiency.
  • Investors:Manage investment portfolio’s credit risk.
  • Corporate:Evaluate changes of credit risk efficiently.